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Do you know when your house was built? If it was constructed before 1980, your sewer line pipes are probably starting to deteriorate. You need to hire a professional for local sewer services ASAP. Otherwise, you could be dealing with major sewer line issues in the future.

Turn to SPS Pro Plumbing, Sewer & Water in Byron Center, MI. We'll remove your run-down pipes and replace them with long-lasting PVC pipes. Solve all your sewer line issues once and for all - hire us for local sewer services today.

Here's what you can expect from us

A functional sewer system is a necessary component of any residential or commercial property. That's why you should partner with our professional repairmen. We can:

  • Complete a thorough camera sewer inspection
  • Determine the source of the issue
  • Explain our repair process

As soon as we're all on the same page, we'll get right to work. Depending on the issue, we can replace specific sections or the entire sewer line system. Call 616-443-4156 to learn more about our replacement and camera sewer inspection process today.

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