Equip Your Home or Business With a Modern Septic System

Call us for local septic tank installation services in Byron Center, MI

A faulty septic system can have serious consequences. Avoid exposure to harmful bacteria by partnering with SPS Pro Plumbing, Sewer & Water in Byron Center, MI. Our local septic tank installation crew will replace your old tank, so you continue to have access to clean drinking water.

You'll appreciate that we can install any kind of system. Tell us if you want a:

  • Traditional system
  • Drain field system
  • Raised system
  • Pump system

Book our local septic tank installation services today. We'll get the job done right.

How can you keep your system in great shape?

Septic tank repair services can cost you a pretty penny, and replacement work can leave you with a torn-up lawn. When possible, it's best to avoid repair work entirely by treating your system with care. If you don't want to call for septic tank repair services, check out the helpful tips below:

  • Use water efficiently
  • Don't flush food or household items down the toilet
  • Don't pour chemicals or cooking oils down your drains
Of course, our local septic tank installation and repair pros are here to help if you're ever having trouble with your system in Byron Center, MI. Reach out to us now if you need assistance with your system.